Prior to the commencement of any works a Designer Concrete Finishes consultant will provide the client and formal quotation, this quotation will be valid for only 30 days, any expired quotes will require to be revised and resubmitted to the client. Any variations to the project on site outside the discussed scope of works will require a variation to the accepted quote, this will need to be signed on site to proceed with the changes, credits or charges will be applied to the updated quote.


The contract will not proceed or be accepted by Designer Concrete Finishes unless the quote is accepted by the client. Regardless of any circumstances, a quote needs to be accepted or signed in order for the works to commence.

In order for the works to be scheduled and electronic acceptance or a returned signed copy will need to be submitted to Designer Concrete Finishes. Once the acceptance is received the works will be scheduled and the client will be advised of the intended start date and impending finish date.

Payment Terms

Designer Concrete Finishes requests the client to provide a deposit payment of 10% of the quoted works total, this is the maximum amount payable under NSW Home Building Law.

Once works have commenced, and all formwork has been prepared to pour an additional 50% of the balance payable is due. Upon completion of the project, where site clean-up, formwork strip and the concrete seal has been completed the final invoice with the balance payable will be issued is due within 2 days.

Failure to make the payment on the due date will incur late fees (1.5% per Month Overdue), unpaid debts over 14 days overdue will be submitted for debt collection and/or legal debt recovery, and all costs associated with recovery will be the sole responsibility of the customer, on top of the outstanding amount due to Designer Concrete Finishes.

Acceptable forms of payment are Cash, Cheque, Bank Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit and EFT payments in some instances can take up to 3 days to appear on our account, in these instances we request remittance advice be sent upon payment of your invoice.


Any waste or surplus material resulting from the excavation works conducted on the client's site is the responsibility of the customer unless stated on the scope of works on their accepted quote, unless organised prior to the excavator operator vacating the site on completion of their task. If removal is required an additional quote will be submitted to the client and upon acceptance of the quote, payment must be made to arrange for removal and disposal of materials.

In some instances, the Designer Concrete Finishes consultant will recommend drainage, we do not take responsibility in drainage issues but will assist in minimising water catchment in certain areas within the proposed area to be concreted.


On commencement of any works being conducted on the client's site/property, Designer Concrete Finishes Staff or Sub-contractors will have free unrestricted access on site until such time that payment in full has been made to Designer Concrete Finishes.

Construction material, services and finished products produced by Designer Concrete Finishes will remain the property of Designer Concrete Finishes. If final payment has not been received upon the due date, Designer Concrete Finishes has the right to enter the site and reclaim all materials used to produce the finished product to recover the costs to the value of the amount owed to Designer Concrete Finishes.

The customer allows Designer Concrete Finishes to take photographs of works in progress and completed works for promotional purposes only.