Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the project take from start to finish?

Every project has its own scope that needs to be achieved, on a standard sized driveway we would recommend 5-6 days to completion, larger scale concrete projects could take longer and up to 10-12 days, depending on what is involved. We will advise each client how long their job will take prior to the acceptance of our quote.

When can we walk on the concrete after pour day?

Normally you can walk on the driveway the following day within 24 hours however we have found that dragging your feet can permanently mark the driveway surface, for a safer and better finish we would recommend to stay off the driveway for 48-72 hours as a minimum.

How long until we can drive on the driveway?

At a minimum, we would recommend up to 10 days curing prior to the driveway being driven on by a vehicle.

What is a concrete seal?

Concrete sealer is a protective coat applied to the surface of the concrete to protect it from damage, corrosion or staining.

When do you seal the driveway?

We like to seal the driveway either on the same day or within 28 of the pour, it all depends on the product you decide on. If it is a Throw on Colour, Stencil or Stamp the sealer can be done on the same day, for a colour in the mix project then we will have to wait for 28 days.

How long after it is sealed can we walk on the driveway?

We would recommend 48 hours of drying time, once this has been achieved we would advise walking gently on the driveway.

How long does the clear or colour seal last on the concrete?

Generally, we advise our customers to re-seal their driveway once every 18-24 months, this will protect and keep your driveway looking new.

When do you cut expansion joints on the finished driveway?

On any normal driveway or concrete surface an expansion joint needs to be cut within 48 hours of the completion of the works, anything sooner may result in chipping of the concrete due to uncured concrete.

We have an old driveway, can we resurface the top to save money?

There are multiple ways to refinish an old driveway, we have a couple of different options and can discuss them with you if this is the direction you prefer to go.

Can you reseal our driveway? Can we change the colour in the process?

We can assist with bringing your old driveway back to life with a pressure wash and re-seal, a colour change is possible also.